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Bahamian Bush medicine

Bahamian Bush medicine
Bush medicine include, to the spa treatment was initiated by Melchior Baltazar, President Salud spa & fitness, Spa consultants to design, create and used managing senses Spa. Melchior's goal is to integrate the indigenous elements of your spa locations.  He sought local Bush doctors and called on to share their centuries-old remedies, stories and knowledge.  Senses spa experience, including treatments, was created to celebrate the Bahamian culture and people.

  Spa employees were in addition to share what you know about Bush medicine with senses Spa Director, Bruce Joseph. They brought to speak their grandmothers with Bruce.They brought bushels from their yards collected Bush medicine, his zeigen.Sie brought him to Millie sands, a local expert.

All this came from the Bahamian Bush - bath, it is also part of the Bahamian Wrapsody - is Behandlung.Es the only treatment with native cure at the time that I senses Spa besuchte.Hoffentlich continues senses Spa, to expand your offerings in this area.

Included in the local Materia Medica:

Aloe (Aloe Vera) - latex "bitter Aloe" serves as a strong laxative and the jelly-like substance obtained by slitting and scratch the gel directly on the skin, applied pain soothes burns or sunburn.If a sheet is cut lengthwise, distributed it's flat in a pan and heated, said platziert.Das "Gel" heal wounds, directly on the affected part is said to remove wrinkles. 1

Bay geranium(Ambrosia hispida) - can in SOAP and alleviate itching skin be used.Recommended for indigestion and cleaning the lungs and mainly used to cure the common cold in the form of a strong tea with lime and salt.

Blue flower(Valerianoides jamaicensis) - babies with colic, gas calms, Verstopfung.Auch used to cool the blood and soothe skin irritation in children.

Breadfruit(Artocarpus altilis) - leaves are easily crushed for high blood pressure Distributor.the leaves, bound as a remedy for headache. 1 head and forehead on the

Cascarilla (Croton eluteria) - tincture from bark is used as a tonic and stimulant. 2

"Catmint": small white Sage(Salvia Serotina) - uses a tea and health drinking in pregnancy machen.Es is to free the children given your worms and is regarded as beneficial in colds and flu to relieve itching skin and nasal douche for sinus. 1

Cerasee- The Haut.Zur calms treatment of fever, flu, traffic jams and cramps.

Fever grass- Cleaning agents and relaxers.

Five Fingers(Tabebuia Bahamaensis) - to the limbs as a soothing tea.

Gale of wind(Phyllanthus Amarus) - as a fever-reducing tea and improves appetite.

Geiger Tree(Cordia Sebestena) - used in tea to sharpen the appetite.

Gum elemi (Bursera Simarouba) - natural resin that apart from tree can be used to stop circulation of wounds.The juice can also as an antidote for Poisonwood werden.Eine used a tea for rheumatism and a bath for back pain, pack of crushed leaves can reassure bee and Wasp stings.

Jumbey(Leucaena glauca) - uses a cure for "wind on the stomach:, to the nerves, quiet and in the treatment of heart trouble. 1"

Life leaf: live for ever(Bryobhyllum Pinnatum) - used in "Shortness of breath" and kidney conditions. 1

Lignum Vitae(Guaiacum officinale) - is used as an antibiotic in the 1700s.The bark was a cathartic, white juice from the bark was the fruit vegetables and flower as a laxative verwendet.Der against "Fiscal year would head" verwendet.Jetzt used as a tea and a bath for body pains. 1

Love vine(Cuscuta) - in tea as an aphrodisiac for "sex weakness" and a soothing bath used for itching and prickly heat.

Match me if you can't(Var Acalypha Wilkesina.)(Macafeana) - rheumatic pain of large sheets easily be crushed, applied on the affected parts and worn firmly in place gebunden.Auch on the sole of the shoe for healing of a cold. 1

Mint(Mentha) - used in tea to promote the body.

PeriwinkleHave in the treatment of leukaemia due to the effects on white blood cells (Vinca rosea, vinca Alba) - verwendet.Polynesier reported using it for the treatment of diabetes.

Pigeon Plum(Grow) - to the "free guts" stop 1

Pound Cake Bush(Bartin Hysterophorus) - to combat the "Weakness" and is also used for cough and a laundry for skin wounds Distributor.the flowers are sometimes "tejde" and sprinkled on wounds the Haut.Es is also a tea for diabetes. 1

Red pepper, goat pepper(Capsicum) - as a powerful stimulant as beneficial in exciting of appetite, externally used internally, as a counter-irritant verwendet.Ein sheet is easily crushed and placed on a boil "it to a head. 1 draw"

Sage(White [Lantana Involucrata] & orange) - white Sage can be used as immediately alleviate a tea and yellow as a bad itch of measles and chicken pox.

Salve Bush(Solanum Verbascifolium) - alliviates cough in tea and soothes skin irritation as a washing used.

Shepherd's needle(Bidens pilosa) - leaves and flowers are steeped and used for prickly heat to relieve "Cooling blood"and"sick stomach" and every day for nine days for worms in children 1

White bells: Angel's trumpet(Datura) - poisonous.Die leaves and flowers are allowed to dry, then in a sound tube as a remedy for asthma and influenza. smoked 1

White Elder(Sambucus Intermedia) - perhaps the most popular work as Bush medicine verwendet.angewendet, reduce as a dip for chicken pox, skin wounds and internally as a tea fever. 1

1 Bush medicine in the Bahamas of wife Leslie Higgs (apparently only in Nassau available).2 King's American Dispensatorypictures Our Lucaya property outside of images from our Lucaya room pictures from our Lucaya restaurants Spa Dolphin program back to senses Spa articles

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